Through our work together I discovered the many reasons why I ate so unhealthy and conquered them. I eat so much better, exercise and have lost a lot of weight because of the tools she taught me and the confidence to go out there and do the work! Rosemary is so easy to speak to, she welcomes you in and surrounds you with warmth, security, confidence and trust that she will and can help you. For the first time in my life, I understand completely who I am. I can overcome issues on my own and work through obstacles like anyone else can. I am still on my wellness journey and I have Rosemary to thank so much for opening up my world! CW

I have had trouble finding a therapist I connected with until I met Rosemary. I could tell it was more than a job for her; it was her passion. For once, I felt like someone truly believed in me and in my healing, and she made me believe in myself. Her approach to therapy is amazing. It’s not just talking. It’s so much more. I recently moved to New Hampshire and am willing to drive to see her. That’s how much I recommend her. RG

Rosemary is top notch. She has changed my life so much in just the little time I have been seeing her. I recommend Rosemary to anyone that is looking for an honest person to talk to. JZ

Rosemary is very intuitive and I am always pleased with the work we get done. She has helped me discover so many ancient childhood beliefs that are still in my subconscious today! She helps me work through them and I always walk out the door feeling like a hundred pound weight has been lifted. She gives me different ways to manage these beliefs on my own, but even just becoming aware of them is life-changing! TS

Rosemary is wonderful. She has really helped me use relaxation techniques I can use for my labor and delivery of my first child. I look forward to my future sessions with her. KP

Thank You Rosemary! You have done such amazing work in such a short time. Your techniques help to clear the emotional baggage, that ways down the mind. I look forward to my session every week to see where we end up. Dee

Rosemary is the best. She makes you feel very comfortable, and that allows you to open up. I am a shy person that keeps thoughts to myself, but she has something about her that makes you want to speak out. I will continue to see Rosemary as much as possible. JZ

I have been going to Innovative Counseling in Northborough, MA for a few weeks now and have made some unbelievable realizations and progress with the help of my counselor, which has brought me closer to my goals and happiness than I have ever been. I cannot wait to see what will come from the rest of my time with her! JC

I have learned so much about myself in the short time that I've seen Rosemary. I am finally able to make positive changes in my life and stop living in the past. She is by far the best therapist I have ever seen. She understands what I'm saying even when my thoughts come out scattered and she is able to put the pieces of the puzzle together when I cannot. MB

Rosemary does not give you a bandage to cover a wound, she gives you the tools to heal the wound and find resolution. She uses a number of techniques to get to the root of a problem, and teaches you different ways to approach and process it. She is able to merge therapy with spirituality, something that traditional counselling often disregards. Rosemary will be able to help you, will be right there with you, and you will feel lighter and better equipped when you emerge on the other side. DL

Innovative Counseling and Hypnotherapy

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