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Are you a highly sensitive person in search of a guide in your personal work? Are you a healer, artist, therapist or spiritual practitioner who wants a seasoned professional who understands your language? Do you have intuitive abilities or mystical experiences but find it difficult to locate a therapist who understands your perspective and can go beyond traditional therapy?


I started in the helping fields providing intuitive but have felt callings to go deeper and further in my training. I received my Master's Degree in Counseling at Southwestern College in Santa Fe, NM and I am a licensed psychotherapist in New Mexico and Massachusetts.

For nearly 20 years, through powerful methods like Hypnotherapy, Gestalt therapy and EMDR, combined with my intuitive abilities, I have focused on the subconscious mind to help my clients locate and release old limiting beliefs and traumas.  I believe this has been good and powerful work. 

For deep and lasting healing, I believe it is also important to include the superconscious mind (which I refer to as the Soul) in the healing process because in truth, we all are on a spiritual journey and are not truly limited by our psychology. 

Most of my clients have experienced more traditional therapy and found that, although the support they received was helpful, the root cause of their problems had not been addressed. Yet the root cause is like the root of a weed you are trying to eradicate in your garden. If you clip the top of the weed, it will grow back. If you pull it out from the roots, it can no longer interfere with the flowers.

Sometimes it is necessary to process trauma or unhealthy beliefs through methods like Hypnotherapy, EMDR, EFT, or Gestalt therapy. These are powerful methods that help the client go past ordinary thinking to understand and transcend trauma and/or unhealthy beliefs so that they can begin to express their true nature and contribute their gifts in a satisfying way. Sometimes it is possible to release unwanted psychological material by increasing awareness of the problem, creating visualization that the subconscious mind understands, and setting an intention for the problem to be released.

I have developed a method that combines intuitive spiritual healing with psychological exploration, drawing from energy work and psychology in a way that goes deep and takes hold very quickly. This method helps to transcend obstacles to living a rich, rewarding life. Work can then be done to make changes that are aligned with the deeper self and one's true life purpose.

I am able to work as a therapist with clients in New Mexico and Massachusetts. Insurance accepted in New Mexico include United Healthcare and Medicaid. Insurance accepted in Massachusetts include United Healthcare, Tufts, Blue Cross Blue Shield and Health New England. Out of pocket cost is $120 per session.

If you are in another state, while I cannot provide therapy, I can offer energy healing as a way to clear the path toward a more fulfilling and rewarding life.

If you are interested in experiencing this method, please click the "Contact Us" link below. I will get back to you as soon as I can.

I look forward to hearing from you!

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