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Sensitive Person Powerful Soul

Amherst, MA 01002


Note: The Northboro office is closed.

Rosemary Eads, LMHC, CGT, CHt, CPCC, offers a unique form of experiential counseling services to individuals who are motivated to have a rich, rewarding life.

If you have ever done talk therapy, you know that simply understanding an issue may not change it. Experiential work gets the job done, and quickly, because it touches into the parts of the mind that hold the troubling traumas, beliefs, fears and memories. By combining my background as a professional intuitive with my training in a variety of powerful modalities, I assist my clients in discovering their own innate potential in a quick, enjoyable way so that they can enjoy their fullest destiny, guided by their own inner wisdom.

My work is unique in that I am able to offer so many forms of support to my clients. As a licensed mental health counselor, a certified hypnotherapist, certified Gestalt therapist, and a certified life coach, my eclectic approach provides my clients with sessions that are dynamic, life-changing, and appropriate to whatever is on the table for them at that moment. I artfully combine my background in Gestalt therapy, SRT, EMDR, EFT, hypnotherapy (including medical), life coaching, artwork, dream work and other creative arts to create sessions that are helpful both in releasing old issues as well as co-creating a new behavioral plan.

In addition, I respectfully employ my sensing skills by tuning into your process, tuning in to what might be happening for you that you may or may not be able to verbalize, and bringing forth aspects of an issue that may otherwise be hidden. This creates more expedient healing, more intimacy and trust between myself and my client, and an enjoyable and at times surprising process.

An important aspect of my approach to counseling is that I believe that every person is already whole and wise, no matter what life experience he or she has had. Learning to access this "deep self" is an important aspect of the work because all yearning, I believe, is a yearning for spiritual center and connection. Therefore, most clients will work on difficult life experiences while also learning to call upon the deep, wise aspect of the being in order to locate joy, life purpose and an abiding sense of well-being. This dual approach creates a positive, self-reliant atmosphere in which to grow emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

My focus in my work is to help individuals who are considered "highly sensitive" learn to manage their sensitivity and transform it into an important strength. We do this by identifying and releasing traumas and beliefs related to one's sensitivity and then focusing on ways in which to enhance one's strengths as a sensitive person.

While some clients require several sessions, those who come for SRT may only need one to five sessions to get the results they seek. For more information on SRT, please go to spiritual response.com.